Unique Assignments

We have developed an exceptional ability to combine both qualitative and quantitative analyses to provide clients with accurate data and clear insights. Our performance has led to an ever-widening range of clients to seek us out for appraisals, studies, or consultation on particularly challenging projects and unusual properties. The examples below provide a sampling of the variety of assignments we've undertaken.

Studies and Analysis in Canada

  • Density transfer analysis and values
  • Inventory on future potential residential development land
  • Negotiating the renewal of leases
  • Practices followed in the commercial leasing market
  • Private school demographic studies and enrolment projections
  • Property management fees benchmarking study
  • Province wide real estate market studies
  • Real estate fees and commissions benchmarking
  • Real Estate Analysis: How landlords can be more effective in maintaining a reasonable return from their real estate portfolios
  • Relocation of major industries and corporations
  • Tenant improvements and cost analysis

Diverse Properties across British Columbia

  • Air space rights
  • Environmental reserves and foreshore
  • Senior's housing and properties specific to the healthcare industry
  • Schools and churches; appraisals and demographic studies
  • Correctional centres and youth camps
  • Indian Band lands
  • Gas stations and car washes
  • Dry land log sorts
  • Golf courses and driving ranges
  • Gravel pits
  • Recreational properties, mobile home parks
  • Ski resorts and remote land
  • Trout and fish hatcheries
  • Water lots and submerged land
  • Appraisals for the Ecological Gifts Program
  • Ocean seabed and ports
  • Communication towers
  • Cemeteries
  • Oil & Gas Pipelines
  • Proposed and existing temples
  • Ranches
  • Hot Springs — Wild and Developed
  • Resorts and hotels of all forms
  • Vancouver waterfront with float planes

Qualified Personnel

The value of any firm's service depends on the skills and attitudes of its people. CWPC's business philosophy is to seek out those with a mix of proven professional expertise, a committed work ethic and well-honed people skills, and equip them with the resources and on-going training needed to provide the information, insight, and integrity our clients demand.